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                    Intro to Nutritional Energetics

              Virtual Online Retreat April 2020

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 Empower Yourself and Your Family by Learning 

the new Science & Energetics of

Nourishing Your  Body, Mind & Soul

Intro to the Nine Energetic Levels of Nourishment


Bonus 1: Practical applications to include pdfs/mp3s to bring balance to your heart & home now

Bonus 2:  Live interviews with some really cool people!!

Live classes for interaction and Q&A

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This virtual retreat will be for newbies as well as "seasoned" energists.

If you have worked with me before - re-join your energist friends! come in for a refresher and some brand new material that you are going to just love.  

If you are new to "all of this" and are curious : Join my awesome community of folks that understand how to infuse a glass of water with healthy intents, how to clear their energy field and how to listen to what their body tells them. My private online support group keeps you "in touch".  Learn from each other and ask questions



Live Introductory Classes with Q&A that include info on:

Learn how to join in 3D Cooking classes that go beyond "just food" and beyond organic

Learn to make frequency recipes - with recipes provided

Learn the many ways to charge water .... and why you should know this

Learn to read your body's subconscious messages - it is simple and fun -

The simple science behind the way your muscles play "truth or dare" - and how to play the game 

Learn about the energetics and anatomy of the multidimensional body & the human blueprint

Learn what geometry has to do with the human body

Learn about the 121 + Ancient BioCodes that can be activated in your body to keep you safe - and how they can also make you "sick"   This is why they can never "cure" the common cold

How to book 1:1 sessions that extract  "rogue" Biocodes 

How to use Nine Levels of Holistic Tools for health and healing

Ongoing support group with monthly Q&A

After the retreat ...

Get a certificate of participation that allows you to get exclusive discounts on ongoing group classes or 1:1 sessions plus onsite retreats and getaways in 2020.

Superfoods for 3D Nourishment / Cooking with Essential Oils/ Charging Water & Foods

/Number Frequencies​/ Identification of Ancient BioCodes/ Quantum Release of Emotions/Communication​ with your (subconscious) Body via Muscle Testing/ Sound/Sacred Geometry/Energetic Microbiome Balance and more.........

                                                     All access with taped replay classes

                                                                            $ 149.00  pp



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