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Simple, easy, body balancing _ Listen In

Cathy is a "Certified Block Therapist "          sign up with the "Starter Program" HERE

Align your body and help energy flow

throughout your crystalline fascia network  -  Its  Truly Fascia-nating!!

                                        Then join Cathy for onsite or online classes

Do you want to keep your body aligned and working balanced, while you help others?

                     Become a Block Therapist too?                 See the program HERE

"Creating an even tone across the myofascial meridians, and further across the entire collagenous net, could have profound implications for health, both cellular and general. ‘Very simply, ... (fascia work allows us to )  ‘tune’ the whole system mechanically as one.' This role of tuning the entire fascial system could have long-term effects in immunological health, improved physiology, and prevention of future breakdown, as well as in the sense of self and personal integrity. It is this greater purpose, along with coordinating movement, augmenting range, and relieving pain, that is undertaken when we seek to even out the tension to produce an equal tonus – like the lyre's string or the sailboat's rigging"

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