Why Wellness?


Imagine a wooded path that leads you to a still, peaceful clearing.

                           You notice other paths lead here.

This is the Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat.

We believe it an ancient rejuvenating portal, confirmed by many energists...

"Some of the most amazing sunsets I have ever seen" - Peter Schenk


Path of Wellness Experience


Meet Executive Chef / Energist & co-owner Cathy Hohmeyer - while working as a Registered Occupational rehab therapist in Washington, D.C. came to

understand that nutrition and energetics can be a major contributor to health and recuperation.


Path of Fate


 Cathy’s family originally built the Lodge in the 1800’s. It was sold out of the family then purchased by the Hohmeyer Family in 1965.  Cathy  worked for the Hohmeyers in the 1970's and when she returned to the Adirondacks to start her own therapy company - she wanted to  "create a unique spa type atmosphere" at the unique Lodge.  As she jokes - my husband "came with the place". His family's influence added the European flair.

Cathy and Ernest had no idea that her family built the Lodge until after they were married.


Path of History


The Adirondack Park and in particular Saranac Lake area became famous in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s for the “mountain cure” of TB patients and the era of the “cure cottages” began. Wellness roots here is one of the oldest in the United States.




Today’s Path


Chef Cathy is known as the “Adirondack Wellness Chef, a founding member of the Adirondack Wellness Network, Adirondack Chapter Leader of the Weston Price Foundation based on nutrient dense, and natural foods. Ernest continues his work in sustainable development.

Together with the family they created a non-profit Adirondack Spirit focusing on wellness sponsoring for the first time in an Adirondack Wellness Summit and working to develop the Park as a world renowned wellness destination.


A Path for Tomorrow


It is only natural that nature-based wellness offerings are a major pathway of what we do and believe in. We are a 5 Green Leaf Eco Lodge and a National Geographic Traveler award winner for “Keeping a sense of Place.”

We encourage guests to build their own path to wellness.

Options are nearly limitless with simply stay, dine and self-directed nature-based activities from paddling and skiing to exhilarating scuba diving and romantic lantern-lit sleigh rides.

Mind, Body & Soul

Integrate this with a more educational experience from wellness cooking weekends to holistic retreats.

By discovering our nature, we hope you will re-connect with yours.

Choose Your Wellness Path


We acknowledge that humans are complex, multi-dimensional beings, each on their own unique path.

There are many ways to follow that path, and we offer many options to discover.


The Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat offers informal wellness family vacations to personally designed retreats to focus on an individual goal. Each of the wellness advocates is a passionate, experienced specialist in his or her area of expertise, here to empower you in whatever you’re seeking to enhance, be it your physical, mental, emotional or spiritual health.

From walking in nature, and paddling a canoe with the loons on beautiful Lake Clear,  to sun gazing, to yoga and cooking classes - you can choose your level of discovery and involvement.

                                      We can help you find the two things you need "First and Foremost for Healing"


1)  get out of stress mode long enough to go into your natural healing mode      

2) findat least one person who supports you to do that


                                                                    ..... research by Lissa Rankin, M.D., &  Adirondack Wellness Network member Dr. Karen Kan, M.D.