Adirondack Wellness Initiative 




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Adirondack Wellness Summit
May 2014
Growing Your Business in the Wellness Economy
November 2014
Annual Wellness Summit
Spring 2015
 "Models & Steps to Create a World Renown Wellness Destination."

Wellness Travel is an explosive new travel category that is now a billion dollar industry and growing. 


The Adirondacks are prime for this as the new wellness economy includes outdoor recreation, arts and culture, health, food and tourism are prime factors in these new wellness based “authentic experiences.”


Our Purpose

a team of wellness providers, tourism, outdoor recreation, businesses, government officials, the arts, and culture is to position our area as a world-renown “wellness destination.” This would have 2 broad initiatives:


  • Visitor & Tourism Wellness

  • Furthering our region as a “Healing Center” to target populations.


Wellness travel includes the elements of healthy living, rejuvenation & relaxation, meaning & connection, authentic experiences, and disease prevention & management. The booming wellness economy is a natural fit with our nature and we may have a marketing “game changer” as one of the “oldest wellness regions in the U.S.”


A Challenge

The wellness industry is made up of many small businesses who are geographically spread out. The new wellness economy also consists of many different industries. Currently, when one seeks a wellness destination, the Adirondacks are not on the map.


There is also a perception that wellness is clinical or on the opposite side spa related. Lodging owners, Practioners, health related facilities, outdoor recreation, arts and culture are an integral component if we are to develop the Adirondacks as world renowned wellness destination.


An Opportunity

A broad based group including the banking community, health care providers, tourism, practitioners, area colleges and businesses have been meeting for over a year.  An Adirondack Wellness Summit was held in May and was attended by over 75 representatives. This was followed by a wellness business conference in November again attended by over 70 participants.


The consortium has developed 4 key objectives:

  • Increase economic impact of wellness for the region and our businesses

  • Develop an energy for our region as a wellness destination

  • Foster collaborations among existing organizations

  • Be a new Adirondack economic model that integrates diverse industries to create healthier economies, new markets and sustainable businesses.

Projects include:

  • Adirondack Wellness Trail Map

  • Wellness Business Resource Network

  • Wellness Co-op

  • Development of

  • Regional Events and Retreats


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