The Mission of Adirondack Spirit

The Center for Adirondack Spirit, Inc is a not-for-profit organization as designated by the State of New York, Department of State. The Center is currently applying for status as a charitable organization (tax-exempt status).


The Center's mission is to assist in fostering an inspirational environment for creativity. Developing the spark of human creativity to grow into an energetic flame will be an important element to create a sustainable and holistic future.


Adirondack Spirit will have a focused emphasis on idea creation, support and development in the creative, wellness and entrepreneurial disciplines. It is born from a unique sense of place we call the Adirondacks.



It is our goal to create inspirational opportunities within the environment of what we call the “Adirondack spirit” to stimulate a creative energy for ideas and solutions that help build a holistic future.


Our purpose is to provide programs, resources and investments based on integrating individual wellness with a natural spirit that together flourishes creative opportunities.


It is what brought Robert Louis Stevenson, Bartok and Einstein here. It is in our water and our mountains and by the spirit of humanity that flavored our Great Woods - it is in our legacy to be the futuristic center for inspiration.


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