Project Summary



Support to the creative, wellness and entrepreneurial disciplines:


  • Through collaboration of resources brand the Adirondack Park as a center for inspiration through world renowned retreats, leadership forums, conferences, experiential learning and events with an emphasis on creative thinking toward a holistic future. For example, a 21st C Adirondack “Philosopher’s Camp.”


  • Networking & interactive communication with a focus on current conditions of humanity and nature, trends for the future and how individual challenges and opportunities may benefit from an integrated holistic view.


  • Futuristic discussions on integrating the human and natural spirit for healthy individual living, thriving communities and sustainable natural environments.


  • Provide development opportunities, cooperative private and public networks, technical assistance; marketing and financial investments to small and community based creative initiatives that have an entrepreneurial focus.



Current Projects


  • Development of the Adirondacks as a World Renown Wellness Destination

  • Creation of a Regional Tourism Council

  • Facilitating Collaborative Regional & International Conferences

  • Development of a Regional Food Hub

  • Community Capacity Building

  • Adirondack Wellness Center without Walls Concept

  • Adirondack Youth Entrepreneurship Initiative

  • Adirondack “Philosopher’s Camp”

  • Mindful Living Programs





  • Regional capacity building assistance

  • Planning and development

  • Facilitator for community, regional and international collaborations

  • Serving as fiscal agent for fledgling community initiatives

  • Coordinating private and public resources, grant writing and financial packaging

  • Sponsor, facilitator of educational outreach efforts

  • Stimulate the sustainability of Adirondack destination-based projects


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