Imagine the Adirondacks as a global center for inspiration.


A unique sense of place where they are drawn to the energy of the Adirondack spirit to explore the issues of our time through creative ideas, collaborations and investments energizing a future that integrates and inspires man and nature. It builds upon the spirit of these mountains to foster innovative dialogue and solutions with a focused emphasis on a holistic Park as a critical inspirational portal to global energy.


Energized by re-connecting with nature, imagine this spirit nuturing unique thinking that inspires integrative planning and holistic invesments, encourages collaborative facilitiation, spurs linkages to regional and international resources, builds sustainable capacity, develops private-public partnerships and is founded on educational exchanges.


This is the focus of the Center for Adirondack Spirit, Inc.


It is about the symbiotic microcosm of man, nature and planet that make up the macrocosom of universal spirit whose historic rejuvenating energy can be found here within the earth's most ancient mountains. We believe the Adirondacks has a dynamism that radiates out among its mountains and by re-connecting it will inherently align us to an attracted returning energy resulting in an enrichment of our own Adirondack spirit.



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Your passion is your drive, so let it lead the way.

Creating connections with Nature and each other.

We admire nature. Might there be some lessons it can teach us?  


New models on how to develop your business and communities think so. 

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