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What will Nutritional Energetics do for me?
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Why is there so much conflicting information about what foods to eat?? Are you looking for answers?


   Welcome to the World of             Nutritional Energetics

If Einstein was right, this "harmonious " energy needs to be fed too, as part of this multidimensional, wholistic connection.

It begins with redefining food, and by understanding the energetics of your "human biofield".

From the basics of getting the most from your food to advanced offerings of how to increase your


"Energy Income",

"Energy Strength" and "Energy Flow".

Let's look at food as the "great connector" to your multidimensional body of mind, body & spirit to help you understand why your body works differently than others.   Learn to celebrate YOUR bio-individuality.

From basic wellness cooking tips to "10 essentials every wellness kitchen should have", nourishing foods made simple, to wellness cooking on a budget....


We offer fun, interactive classes and workshops  

Advanced offerings include

understanding the Energetics of Food" to "maximizing your energetics blueprint" and "How to recalibrate your multi-dimensional body."


Chef/Energist Cathy 

" I like to experience the Universe as one harmonious whole. Every cell has life. Matter, too, has life, it is energy solidified"

                      Albert Einstein 

(who once stood on our beach (above))

How can I participate in or experience this?
Open Notebook


   “And as we let our own light shine, we     unconsciously give other people permission    to do the same. ...

           Marianne Williamson


“ Invisible threads are the strongest ties.”

Healing Woods Retreats 

 or Online 

Real Time

* Day Workshops

      -  while you are here on vacation

       - weekend getaways

      - intensive institutes

These are a special part of the Lake Clear Lodge and Retreat, a National Geographic Traveler Award Winner for "keeping a Sense of Place".

With 25 acres of spread out artisan lodgings, a breath taking sunset beach, an iconic 1886 main Lodge with real foods restaurant and a storied lakeview retreat center gathers the spirit.

Online - with a Twist

From 30-minute cooking demos and culinary classes to "Understanding Your Emotion Code" intensives, these are combined with practical "energetic" food and living tips.

Join in intro and advanced cooking workshops as well as intro and advanced energetics classes

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Energetics for Body, Mind , Spirit
June 11, 12 & 13, 2021
Limited to 10 participants
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