The Essentials

From the 10 Essentials of a Wellness Kitchen to food energetics discover our introductory experiences as part of our I “D.I.D.” It! offerings.


Here we Define, Introduce and Demo, the basics. No experience necessary!


Fun, interactive opportunities that are short and you can do at our Nutritional Energetics Center at the Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat or on-line.



30 Minute Cooking Demos before our Great Camp dinner events.

Weekly Cooking Classes

Demonstration Dinners

I D.I.D. It Online Snapshots


Sample Topics

Lost Art of Traditional Food Preparation

10 Essentials of a Wellness Kitchen

From Vegan to Carnivore: Nutrient Density

Beyond Ingredients: Redefining Cooking

Introduction to Nutritional Energetics

Programs:  Classes once a week for 8 weeks plus online support, handouts/pdfs, recipes and more

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