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These are the Traditional Food Preparations that have been proven to keep

Generations of Peoples ALL OVER THE WORLD - Healthy and Emotionally Balanced 



veggies   *   grains, nuts, seeds  *  breads  *  fats and oils *   meats/bones   * raw foods *   planning for future generations *

.......Join in the classes with Chef Cathy.......
What was the secret to peoples who lived into their hundreds


Generations ago, people all over the world followed these food preparation principles, contributing to physical and mental health

The Veggie and Raw Food Preparations
Note: not all veggies should be eaten raw

Cultured and raw veggie preparations offer optimum enzymes for your body.

The Bread Preparations
for optimal digestion
Stocks and Broths
begin understanding gut health here

Learn how easy and REALLY GOOD this is for you as well as a huge flavor booster.

The Meat Preparations
.... why and when you need or don't need protein

Learn some of Chef Cathy's signature entrees

Use of Fats and Oils

Easy bread and cultured superfood preparations

Take the free superfood bread challenge here

Learn the importance of the GOOD fats and oils and what they are.

Planning for Future Generations
Preparation of Seeds, Grains and Nuts

Traditional food preparations for parents to improve health for future preparations.  

Mother may never have told you (or known) the importance of soaking grains nuts and seeds for optimum health and bio availability of nutrients

The study of traditional peoples and what they ate via the research of Weston A Price
see the
Real Foods Summit at the Lake Clear Lodge
with Chef Cathy & Sally Fallon
PBS YOUtube here
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